About Us

Meet Our Team

The story of Simply Extract is a convergence of a genuine love of plant medicine and the activism that we believe inherently comes with the blessing of being able to work with cannabis.

We are a women and Latinx owned and operated in Western North Carolina. 

We only use organic products, including our solvent which is 100% cane sugar ethanol alcohol, in our lab.

We honor plant medicine, now more than ever, customers are searching for people who are in this industry for the right reasons.

Consistency is so important to us and our brand. Customers know what to expect from us, how quickly they will receive it, and understand our processes before ever signing a contract or purchasing one of our products.

Not only do we make all of our products in our lab, we also extract the CBD that is in every product. We know the local farmers and know we are only sourcing from the best!


Melanie Noyes

Melanie Noyes is a first generation Salvadoran American from the Baltimore metropolitan Area. With an educational background in psychology and herbalism, and a passion for sustainability and social justice, it was clear that cannabis was at the intersection of much of what inspired her most about healing not only our bodies and minds, but the world around us. Cannabis has always been a touchstone in Melanie’s journey from early in her life, notably with depression and anxiety. When she discovered the versatility of hemp and its many applications, she learned that it offered CBD; an easy, legal, and accessible way to lower her dependence on mainstream anxiety medications while having a positive impact on the environment. She has been inspired to be able to share this medicine with as many people as possible ever since. Melanie learned from the first female extractor in North Carolina and was able to incorporate her experience in making her own herbal products into this new hemp business. This is where she met Taylon Breeden, where they would discover the synergy between what drove them forward in this industry could bring them to do great things!

Taylon Breeden

Taylon is a longtime cannabis advocate and political activist. She was the executive director of Asheville NORML, YES NC CANNABIS, and is currently running the North Carolina Cannabis Lobby. She is very politically active, and ran for county commissioner in 2018. She successfully defeated the proposed hemp flower ban in 2019, and helped pass the North Carolina Hemp Pilot Program in 2015. She lives, breathes ;), and dreams all things cannabis. Taylon is an entrepreneur and has a passion for helping others succeed. She will help guide you through our extraction and white label processes, and be there for you every step of the way.