Woman Owned Company Focused on Plant Infused Pleasure. New Mushroom Bar now open!

About Us

Our Story

The story of Simply Extract is a convergence of a genuine love of plant medicine and the activism that we believe inherently comes with the blessing of being able to work with cannabis.

We are a women, LGBQT+  and farmer owned and operated in Western North Carolina. 

We only use organic products, including our solvent which is 100% cane sugar ethanol alcohol, in our lab.

We honor plant medicine, now more than ever, customers are searching for people who are in this industry for the right reasons.

Taylon has been on the forefront of the legalization of hemp, and pushing for the federal legalization of cannabis for 10+ years. After being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2010, she started using the cannabis plant to treat her disease and now has made it her mission to get it in as many hands as she can.

She felt there was a missing part in the cannabis industry: women & sexual wellness. As a LGBQT & woman owned business, Simply Extract is focusing on providing products to those who get left out of the conversation. Sex is still such a taboo subject, but such an important part of our lives. Why not feel satisfied and be open to talking about our issues so we can solve them.