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Hemp Processing

The Simply Extract Difference


The key things to know about hemp processing at our lab is that we center the needs of the small farmer and will work with you through the process every step of the way. 

There is so much to know about processing, and we want to be transparent and keep you informed when you bring us your hard earned harvest. 

What inspired us to work with small farmers was the way in which the processing labs started pushing out the little guy by creating large minimums and raising their prices. 

How does the local craft flower, small grow operation prosper if access to affordable processing goes out the window? 

That is why we don’t exactly have a minimum. 

It takes at least a few pounds to do a “run” through our equipment, and we like to work with our friends and hemp community to figure out how to make the best of your yield no matter how big or small it is. 


Our Process

Of the many ways to extract hemp flower, we have chosen cryo-ethanol. 

This means that we run super critical cold ethanol over the hemp to pull the cannabinoids off the plant. Then, what comes out the other side of this process is fully winterized crude oil. We also decarboxylate (aka decarb) the oil as part of our service, which basically means heating up the oil to activate the CBD and other cannabinoids. We also feel that using ethanol stays true to the traditional age old method of extracting plant medicine through alcohol. In alchemy, the solvent is called a “menstruum” and alcohol is one of the traditional tools used for extraction. There are pro’s and con’s of using each cannabis extraction (CO2, butane, etc), but when we use our organic cane 190 proof ethanol, we feel the spirit of the plant is preserved in your “whole plant” extract, or crude oil.


Your crude oil is product-ready as is! 

However, we also have the options of bringing the crude oil to full spectrum distillate, broad spectrum distillate, or isolate through partnerships with trusted labs. We’ll break down a little bit about what each of these mean:

  • Crude oil – As we mentioned, crude oil can also be called whole plant extract. This is because not only are all of the cannabinoids present, but other phytocompounds (or phytochemicals) as well including carotenoids, flavonoids, etc. The added benefit of having these extra compounds in the oil is attractive to some, however the market largely prefers distillate opposed to the dark in color and strongly tasting crude. We prefer to use whole plant extract in most of our products.
  • Full Spectrum Distillate – Full spectrum distillate includes all of the cannabinoids, but scrubs clean the crude of all the phytocompounds that give it a dark color and strong flavor. Distillate is great for a clean looking product and less of a hempy taste.
  • Broad Spectrum Distillate – This distillate has the same benefits stated above, however the THC has been removed. This is perfect for folks concerned about passing drug tests, are wary of THC, etc.
  • Isolate – When the CBD compound is isolated alone, it creates a white crumble that is void of any other cannabinoid except for CBD. This option is also great for folks concerned about drug tests and experimenting with cannabis, but has been shown to not be as effective as a full spectrum product.

Contact us if you want details on the fees and process of refining your crude oil!
If you’re interested in getting help bringing your extract to a finished product,  see our White Labeling page for more details.

What We Need From You

Before bringing us your hemp crop, consider if you could have available to us the following:​

  • Full Farm Name
  • COA’s of the biomass to be processed
  • Full Panel of Biomass
  • Is the thc-delta 9 is below .3%?
  • A copy of Hemp Processing letter/license
  • Biomass must be Bucked+Ground before drop off (the yield drops significant if biomass is not ground up)
  • Please transport biomass in totes, or sealable bags 50lbs or less.
  • Approximate weight of biomass

We need all of these things before your hemp can come through our lab doors, and we appreciate your help in staying compliant with the NC hemp program.

Ready to process hemp? Questions?

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