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Herbal Processing

Plant medicine is at the root of all we do, and that doesn’t stop at hemp!

The ethanol that is used to make our hemp extract is a quality culinary solvent that can also be used to create a more traditional herbal tinctures. While the processes are a little different, the idea is basically the same. The ethanol pulls beneficial compounds out of all herbs to tinctures, the only difference between cannabis and other herbs being that the alcohol is removed from the cannabis and mixed with a carrier oil, whereas traditional tinctures stay suspended in alcohol.

Many at-home medicine makers find themselves running out of room for large batches of tincture, salve, or other crafts and wishing they had somewhere else to do this process. We are exploring working with the community in a way that we are able to share the resources and equipment that isn’t financially or practically feasible for many herbalists. 

Here’s how we can help you, our local herbalist, bring your plant material to final form:

  • In house high quality culinary solvent
  • Filtration equipment
  • Product mixing
  • Access to additional essential oils, flavors, and other raw materials
  • Bottling, capping, and labelling machines
  • Storage
  • Packaging and mailing service

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