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CBD Capsules

Have you heard of CBD Capsules? CBD capsules are one of the most underrated CBD products on the market today. They are perfect for anyone who often forgets to take their CBD, or for those looking for full spectrum CBD oil without any taste. Each of our full spectrum CBD capsules have 33mg of CBD per capsule, along with trace amounts of THC at no more than 0.3%. Encapsulated in a porcine gelatin capsule, we blend our organically North Carolina grown CBD-rich hemp extract with organic MCT oil to achieve the finished product.

1,000mg CBD capsules at 33mg each capsule! 30 count bottle lasts you one month. Take one daily or as needed! Great for folks on the go or those seeking an alternative to sublingual oils.

The extract in all of our products are from local southeastern farmers, and mixed with all organic ingredients. Support local!