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750mg Natural Flavor-Great for pets

We have gotten many inquiries into CBD for dogs lately! Many experts recommend that 10mg for every 40lb dog works wonders for pets experiencing symptoms such as anxiety, pain, nausea, and arthritis. Basically any reason you would take CBD, you can give to your dog too! They have an enormous amount of cannabinoid receptors all throughout their bodies.

This plain tincture is ideal for dogs, cats, and even minor skin irritations as well. The carrier oil MCT is a coconut oil derivative and works to moisturize as well as act as an excellent carrier of the CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids to your skin.

750mg per oz means that there is 25mg of CBD per dropper full (or 1mL). For a 40 lb dog, a half dropper (or 12.5mg CBD) would be plenty. Here is a quick formula to determine how many mg’s of CBD would be good for your dog:

(Total weight of dog) divided by 40, times 10.

For example, an 85lb dog / 40 = 2.125 * 10 = 21.25mg of CBD.

That is almost one full dropper of our plain 750mg CBD tincture!


Hope this helps! Feel free to shoot us an email if you have any questions.



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