Kudzu Root Tincture


Surely you’re familiar with the infamous kudzu – an invasive plant species that is capable of completely choking out some of our beloved trees! But did you know that the root has some amazing medicinal properties? We didn’t either until some was brought to us in hopes that it would be beneficial for COVID related symptoms. Turns out it’s bioactive ingredient puerarin has a wide range of pharmacological properties that aids in:
? Alcoholism
? Hangovers
? Metabolic symptom syndromes (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, insulin resistance)
? Menopause symptoms
?Chest pain
?Cold and flu symptoms
?Glucose regulation
? Inflammation
? Exercise performance and weight loss
? Parkinson’s
? Alzheimer’s
? Heart disease
Peurarin was isolated from kudzu root in the 1950’s and since then has been extensively investigated. We are so excited (and mildly obsessed) with this find! Let us know how it works for you.


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