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White Label Products

Our white labeling service provides fast, compliant, and an easy solution for getting your hemp products to market. With a minimum order of just 20 units, your branded product will be shelf ready in as little as 30 days. We work with individual businesses to ensure your products packaging, taste, and potency represents your company.

Are you a hemp farmer unsure of what to do with your extract?

We can turn your extract into finished branded products, to ease your workload and make it easier for you to get your hard earned harvest into the consumers hands!

Take your hemp brand to the next level!

Customize our formulas to make your own unique product.

We offer our base formulas, with the option to make them your own.

Want a certain flavored product, a higher potency product, or another adaptogen added? Just book a consultation with us to discuss your next product launch!




Pet Products

Get the Products you Need

Our products are tested by a third party lab. Our expertise in the industry helps ensure that your white labeled products will be ready to meet federal and state regulations while keeping your consumers safe.

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